EC is a work in progress, designed to show a fully realized world of an alternate future.

Using elements of storytellings, web technology, and community, we intend to create a new form of entertainment: the collaborative serial.

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Collaborative Serial
> What is it?

Core Team
> Noel
> Gabe
> Morgan

The Story

> Viz
> The Basque
> IA
> Jacob Nelson

> The Rasta Lions
> The Hat Squad
> JCN, Inc.
> HeartCorp

The Making of

In Progress: Trailer
We are currently working on a short trailer to introduce characters and a bit of the story. As we produce new bits and pieces, we'll put them up for you to look at.
> 09-05-01: Dragonfly Chopper
> 08-15-01: Cityscape
> 07-20-01: Viz (character)
> Complete List


This was our original proof of concept, which gives you a feel for the world of Menda City.
> Launch Teaser
(requires Quicktime)

> Poster