Kennedy-Hobaica Wedding
Utica, NY
October 2 - 3 2K04

Ground Rules:
1. If you like the pic, I have larger versions. So just ask, if you want a desktop background, or something to print.
2. If you don't like the way you look in a pic, yell and I'll take it down.
3. I also have more pix, though many are junk.

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You, too, can be saved by the Power of Joe.

A stolen Gideon Bible, eventually returned.

Talking bout makeup.

The Green Church

The Brown Church

The Green and Brown Church, with practicers.

The Bridal Emergency Kit

Enjoying nice trunk cocktails after the service.

Dapper Dan.

Dapper Bridesmaids

Doesn't this look a whole lot like...

...a Virginia Slims ad?


Hey, Ladies.